Thursday, October 28, 2010


So after waiting 3 and a half of my 4 hours, he showed up. 5 minutes later, he declared the microwave dead. Duh.

Yes, we’re getting it fixed. Thank goodness we had a warranty, because if we didn’t I’m not sure I would fork out the $400+ in parts and another $100 or so in labor to get it fixed. Gulp. I probably would have bought one of those cheap counter microwaves for a fraction of the price and called it good.

I can say that life without a that little heating machine has been a bit of a struggle. For the most part, I cook meals. I don’t open boxes and call those meals, but I do use the micro for a lot of things. I heat up leftovers, there’s the microwave popcorn, there’s the warm maple syrup for pancakes on the weekend. There’s a lot of things. A lot more things than I remember using it for, and in another week and a half and I’ll be ready to go.

In another week in a half I’ll be waiting around, again, for the repair guy. He’s given me another 4 hour window. But this time when he leaves, I hope he declares the microwave, alive.

Try not using your microwave for a day and see how it is. Are you all as addicted to it as me?


  1. My microwave started cutting out on me about 2 mths ago and I didn't realize how much I depended on you for re-heating leftovers, popping popcorn etc...I didn't know what to do - anyways still 2 mths later, we still are using the same microwave - we just don't leave it plugged in and it seems to be having a "second wind" but a new one may be on my Christmas list this year!

  2. I couldn't live without my microwave. I mostly use it to heat up leftovers. Somehow, we always have tons of leftovers, and I hate to waste it.


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