Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Giveaway!

Hey everyone, head on over here to win one of my, GirlSunday Designs, handy dandy sandwich and snack bags, sewn by yours truly.

Really, they are pretty cool little things. I use mine all the time. In Pixie’s lunches, I put cheese, crackers, pretzels, apples, and pretty much anything that isn’t a really wet food in it. I use the bigger size for her sandwiches. I first wrap her sandwich in her napkin and then put it in the bag. I also have one of the sandwich sized bags in my purse for a little “ouch pouch.” It has band aids, aspirin, eye drops, chap stick, a little bottle of sun screen etc… It’s great to have on hand to easily transfer from one bag to the other with all the in case of emergency things.

Really, the uses are endless. And probably the best thing, other than it being made by me, is that they are totally washable. I wipe mine out during the week and then on Friday, I toss them in the washer and dryer. All clean and ready to go for the next week.

Oh, and can I tell you the kids love them. They love the different patterns and it’s just something a little fun in their lunches.

So, back to the point of this post. Let’s help make Ashley’s first, yes that’s right I’m her first, give away a success. Go HERE now!


  1. Ahhhh, how great you are Susan! Thanks again for the great giveaway opportunity, glad my first is you! Haha, that almost sounded bad. :)

  2. I received my Mod Dot snack pack last night in the mail...LOVE IT - thanks Susan...maybe I can win a free one now on Ashley's blog!


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