Friday, October 1, 2010

Lemonade Anyone?

I have a feeling Pixie, as my 4 year old likes to be called, is onto something.

She’s been wanting, rather begging me, to have a lemonade stand. I’ve been a little reluctant to do my duty as a mom, and actually get it together and keep coming up with really lame excuses not to do it. This was our latest exchange.

Pixie: “Mama, I have an idea!”

Me: “What’s that honey.”

P: “Today would be a great day to have a lemonade stand!”

M: Silently groan “Well, that is a good idea, but probably not today.”

P: “Why? It’s warm out and you said we should do it on a warm day.”

M; “Well, you are right. It is a warm day, but there’s just not a lot of people out today.”

P: “I know what we can do Mama. We can call all my friends and they can show up. Then they can call all their friends and they can call their friends. Then there will be lots of people.”

I think she may invent Facebook 2020.

And just so you know, we still didn’t have that stand. Yet.

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  1. super cute. I'm sure she'll keep bringing it up until she get's one. Perhaps a lemonade party is in order.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll come by again.


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