Friday, September 24, 2010

Busy Busy Busy...

Things are a whole bunch of crazy around here lately. After the article in the paper, it sparked something in me to give this business more attention and really see what can happen. It's paying off. I've promoted more, I'm going to try and blog more, and just get the word out more. Shameless self promotion.

Here's what's been going on lately...

I dropped off some bags today at a local elementary school for their weekly farmers market.

Speaking of schools, there's the school in Virginia who asked me to participate in their Green Team efforts to reduce their waste and also fund raise. For every sale I make where the buyer mentions the school, I am giving back a portion of the sales back to the school. A winning situation for everyone.

I'm getting ready to do a fair next weekend. Whole Foods is supporting local artists and are having a monthly arts market.

I've also been listening to what people want.

People have asked for a larger sandwich bag line and yep! I now have sandwich bags.

People have asked for Dino fabric. I now have dinos.

People asked for owls, I now have owls.

You ask, I listen.

What do you want now?

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